Comprehensive management.

With our experiencia, knowledge and a solid network all across China we will help you make the most out of the current market opportunities that China has to offer For both import and export! .


Importchina does not only help you to find the best product, we will offer you a individualised service with a 100% guarantee.


We deal with a wide arrange of products that allow us to reach a wide market. If you need more information you can go to our products page. Our product categories are: – Constructions – Fabrics – Mobility – Furniture – Electronic – Lighting – Promotional products


We offer a comprehensive service for all our clients that covers every step of the process. From negotiation to quality control, shipping and all you can think about to minimise the trouble.


Our years of experience and client list can speak for ourselves. Spain and Chile are our main business countries but we have operated all across south america and Europe.

Success guaranteed.

Importchina offers a comprehensive approach to successfully do business in China Now with offices in 3 continents! .




Cong Yun Road, Baiyun District, 82-4b Song Wan Nga – Guangzhou
| Tel: +86 151 0205 2304 |
Skype ID: albertollaneza

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